Part 145 MRO without any compromises

As a member of the Diamond family, we are proud to offer you the best services for your aircraft at OEM level. The ongoing and further training of our competent team of specialists ensures perfect customer satisfaction. Trust in competence!

More efficient maintenance

We are one of the world’s most efficient providers of MRO services for Diamond Aircraft products. By use of lean management and state-of-the-art digital technologies, we reduce waiting times for our customers and avoid unnecessary waste in our service centre.

Our service quality has achieved a standard that is unique in our industry. We consider the ongoing and further training of our competence team a permanent process, in order to find new paths to continually optimise our maintenance services.

Quick repairs

As a company of the Diamond group, we ensure the shortest times to delivery for spare parts and availability of all necessary special tools. At our Egelsbach site, we offer all AOG services from a single source at OEM level.

Our AOG hotline is available at any time to answer your requests.

Diamond Upgrades

If you want to raise your Diamond to the latest state of the art, our Egelsbach site is the right place for it. From retrofitting or re-equipment of the engine, to installation of modifications and avionics retrofitting, to design changes, our dedicated service team takes care of any request you may have.

With our upgrade services, your Diamond is a future-proof investment.

A true loyalty programme

Our customers are our most valued asset. Therefore, we have developed a loyalty program that offers more than just financial benefits.

We build on long-term customer relationships in order to create the safest and most state of the art working environment, aligned with our vision, to sustainably reduce waiting times and to continually develop further. This way, we create an environment in which all stakeholders are proud to be part of the Diamond family.

Our customers value our service

After a few issues with local service providers, we have chosen to enter into a Platinum maintenance agreement for our aircraft with Diamond Aircraft Egelsbach.
We greatly value the effort and approach to solutions of the Diamond team.


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